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  • Falcon - A colour scheme for Vim/NeoVim and many many many terminal tools.

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(Mainly developed whilst working as a dev at The University of Adelaide)

  • Add more alternate - tidy up the form for adding multiple items on a form
  • Workflow field groups - integrate the workflow (not workflow_s_!) module with the field_group module
  • Textarea limit - Put a character limit on one or more textareas
  • Quicker login - for devs who can’t be bothered going to the login page
  • Form display actions - save precious time by adding the field actions into the form display
  • Filter form values - a developer module to do pre-submit filtering of form values
  • Field presets - add predefined fields (type, widget and formatter) to a form
  • Field group access - add permissions to field groups
  • Field gate - hide form buttons until a form question is answered
  • Extended label - When you want a label that is longer than the Drupal one
  • Entity draft - field level hackery to allow drafts of entities that have required fields
  • Display sync - synchronise your form displays (this was created to address a super rare issue which went away!)
  • Display machine name - When you have multiple fields and you want to see at a glance which is which
  • Description field - I just want to put some text on my form please
  • Controlled fields - Basic show/hide field mechanism that works with “requiredness”

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Link to this sectionNot-so-maintained

  • Autoload Drupal - Drupal has an autoloader that is not conducive to playing nice with autocompletion. This remedies that.

Link to this sectionRelics and memories

(this list is more for me than you)

  • Lightwave 5 3D engine in C++
  • Flash 2.5D engine in Actionscript 3
  • Java Swing CMS
  • Various demo scene bits and bobs
  • //Updated: March 21, 2022