Test all the things

Usually one would hide / delete a post which has been created for the sole purpose of exercising all the aspects of theming, but hey, someone might find this interesting - see inside the mind of a madman if you will. As you may be able to tell I am all about the markdown. So concise, yet flavourful. Hemingway would have been a fan. Anyhoo, what follows exercises all the things currently supported or almost supported.

Smart quotes? “double” and ‘single’.

Some dashes – dash — mdash;

Backticks with a highlight thing{.highlight} and another without a highlight thing.

How about some general ^highlighting of a few words^? Not yet - gotta write that extension! Or how about ==doing it this== way?

Link to this sectionThis should be red

Link to this sectionAdd a class

How about a task list?

  • Install this extension
  • ???
  • Profit!

An external link in a markup link with title.

An internal link .

A link {.special} with a class.

An external inline link: www.google.com .

An email address test@example.com .

This 1should be a link to footnote below. And 2so should this.

Some formatted text such as Bold, Italic Strikethrough? yeah baybee.

How about some tables:

th th(center) th(right)
td td td

This is a block quote using an angled bracket

With some text inbetween two block quotes, as two blockquotes after each other is unusual.

This is a much longer block quote which will span lots and lots of lines - well, more than one line I suspect.

Time for a list:

  • This is a list item, which I will make super duper pooooper long so that it spans a couple of lines, fingers crossed
  • Another item
    • An item underneath an item
      • And another one
  • And another
    • Underneath
    • Underneath 2

Ordered list:

  1. First
  2. This is another numbered list item, which I will make super duper pooooper long so that it spans a couple of lines, fingers crossed
    1. This is under numero 2
  3. Third

Link to this sectionHeading 2

Link to this sectionHeading 3

Link to this sectionHeading 4

Link to this sectionHeading 5
Link to this sectionHeading 6

It’s a link to google . How about a link to an internal page?

How about some PHP code:

$arr = [
  '0' => $blah,

Js code:

let thing = () => 1 + 1;
var it = function() {
  return true;
const foo = 'bar';


  - blah:
    value: 'awesome'


function! Customfoldtext() abort
  "get first non-blank line
  let fs = v:foldstart
  while getline(fs) =~ '^\s*$' | let fs = nextnonblank(fs + 1)
  if fs > v:foldend
    let line = getline(v:foldstart)
    let line = substitute(getline(fs), '\t', repeat(' ', &tabstop), 'g')


jira_submit() {
  read -p "Submit running timer [y,n,?]" yn
  case $yn in
    [Yy]* ) jira_worklog_time "$issue"; watson stop;;
    [Nn]* ) watson stop;;
    [?]* ) echo "Yes [y], no [n]";;
    * ) echo "Please select an option.";;


What should follow is a horizontal rule.

And finally an image:


And that’s all folks!

  1. As mentioned previously, previously, previously. ↩︎

  2. Also mentioned previously, previously, previously and probably somewhere else too. ↩︎

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