Making your own colour scheme: Introduction

There’s nothing quite like a tailored suit - so comfortable, so thoughtful, so knowing, so… you. Don’t like the cuffs? Change them. Not sitting correctly over the shoes? Have them re-hemmed. Not enough velvet? No problemo.

Or so I imagine if I could afford one.

But what I can afford is my own colour scheme.

I have been making changes to falcon over the last few months or so and I am about to make another major release as this time I think I have got it right.

Unlike a suit, a colour scheme has to be a work horse and not a show pony. Like good design and timeless classics like Helvetica or the LBD it has to be something that works. Something that is gimmicky and garish like a fascinator will annoy and grate over time. Sure, wear it to the races but not to work every day.

And so I think I am finally at the point, on the second time around, where everything is balanced and working well. I mean, just look at it:

Falcon screenshot

I like it so much that I have created settings for most things that I use - Vim, the terminal, ranger etc. and hey, even this Drupal theme.

So how does one get started making a colour scheme? Well, earnest and imagined reader, you are in luck! This is going to be the first in a series of constructing your own colour scheme. I will go through getting started to tweaking everything possible for all the things.

Stay tuned.